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We provide guidance, build digital strategies, create websites, analyze data, and make meaningful digital experiences that drive conversion for small to medium sized businesses.

We are Growth Hackers located in the heart of St. Paul, Minnesota. We specialize in Web Design, Marketing Strategy, and Marketing Analytics.
Nice to meet you, we're SVZ DESIGN.

We are growth hackers based in the heart of San Francisco.

Using Webflow, we
swiftly design & develop conversion focused websites from scratch.

Websites that scale & Convert

We build intelligent websites using clean HTML/CSS/Javascript and programming languages. Most of our projects utilize Webflow, a tool that allows us to design & develop scalable websites from scratch, fast. We build websites that help your business drive more leads, sell more products, and convert more traffic. Oh, and we also do it a lot quicker then anyone else can.

Start Tracking & Analyzing Data

By analyzing data we help you set attractive and realistic goals obtainable through digital marketing. Whether it's
Ad ReTargeting, PPC, Automation, or Influencer Marketing we can help. These campaigns are focused on driving highly qualified traffic to your new conversion focused website. We then analyze this new traffic/data and decide on what areas need to improve in order to grow.

We love webflow

"Webflow combines a fully customizable CMS with powerful visual website design tools, so we can build a custom database/CMS for every site we build, and design around your real content from the ground up. And with nothing to install, automatic updates, and no PHP, it's the WordPress/Wix alternative you need." Schedule a call with me and learn more

Strategy, Web Design, Web Development
Web Design, Web Development
Kill The Bill
Strategy, Product Design, MVP
Strategy, Design, Development
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"I am very pleased with the end result and thank you for all your efforts. This all looks at least 500% better than I had before. Thanks again!"
-Katherine Wells
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SVZ Design
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"Recently I bought another domain name, and handed it right off to Scott. He took care of everything for me; the design, development, content, and again the SEO. I couldn't be happier with the work."
-Lucy B.
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